Online Golf Instruction Videos Will Make You Play Better |

Golf instruction videos have been around for many years. You can find golf video instructions from old-timer Bobby Jones right on up to today’s golfing superstars on the PGA Tour. Changes in technology are making VHS videos obsolete. Golf CDs have changed into golf DVDs. These changes make it hard to keep up with the latest golf instruction techniques. If you want to keep up and get the best golf instruction available today you might want to consider getting access to online golf instruction videos.Golf instruction from local golf pros is becoming very expensive. A one hour golf lesson can set you back $110 at fancy golf resorts in Florida. Generally, we only retain 10% of what we learn. Golf lessons may not be cost-effective. Here is where online golf video instruction can certainly help a golfer looking to improve his or her golf game.Online golf video instruction is now available to the home computer user. As computers get lighter and smaller these days this is great for golfers too. You can even take a laptop with you to the golf practice range. Using a wireless Internet connection makes it possible to be able to watch video golf lessons almost anywhere these days.Would you rather try to make sense of an old golf book or watch an actual teaching professional show you a particular golf shot? Many would rather watch a golf shot on video. The benefit of a golf instruction video is that you can replay it over and over until it becomes clear. Golf videos can make your game better.There are golf instruction videos that actually show you how to play nine holes from tee to green. You can see tee shots, fairway shots, shots from the rough, shots from sand traps and other necessary shots that you might encounter. Chances are that you will learn more from a golf instruction video.Computer video golf instruction is going to become more and more popular. These video lessons from driving the golf ball to better putting are going to become the smart golfer’s secret weapon. If you want to play better golf look into online golf videos.