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Free online golf lessons are a great way for beginners to learn to play golf, or for experienced players to improve their technique. Most people may not think of the internet when looking for golf tips and technique, but the internet holds a wealth of information on all facets of the golf game. Not to mention, much of the available can be accessed for free. While taking lessons from a golf pro will definitely improve your golf game, similar results can be achieved at home for free.There are a number of excellent websites to find free online golf lessons. Many of the more popular golf magazines and publications will have a website with free tips and lessons. Some websites will charge for their golf lessons, but these are usually much more involved and in depth lessons. Either way, online golf lessons are a fraction of the cost of traditional golf lessons.Online golf lessons can be presented in a variety of formats. Some are featured in article format with plain text. Others have articles with accompanying pictures to visually present the lesson. Probably the most popular and effective method of delivering free online golf lessons is through online videos. The benefit of video lessons is that you can see golf techniques in action, rather than just reading text. Watching free golf video lessons allows you to see first hand how great golfers are so successful out on the golf course.Free online golf lessons tend to focus on specific aspects of the golf game that most people need work on. Some lessons might concentrate on getting the right grip on your golf club. Others may focus on eliminating your golf slice, which plagues many golfers. Even the most specific facet of golf, such as properly teeing up your ball are covered in online golf lessons. Whether your golf game needs a few tweaks here and there, or a complete overhaul, free online golf lessons can help to lower your score immediately.